2017.05.11 Up

Posted by Yuma Kajihara

RobotArt – the Robot Art competition

RobotArt – the Robot Art competition





The software-generated paintings commands can be considered as the technique of the “artist” and often are similar to how human artist paint. The human designers of the robotic artist approach the creation of the techniques in different ways. The most direct way is to start with a photo or image of what is desired to painted and then write software that can look for patterns and shapes that can be converted into brush strokes. A straightforward technique is to simplify a photo into several different colors and then tell the robot to paint each color separately. Paintings done like this can have a “paint by number” look (see artwork by RHIT as examples). A more elaborate technique is to let the robot paint a bit “outside the lines” and then use a camera to see what the robot needs to do to make adjustments so that the painting more closely matches the desired image (see artwork by e-David and cloudPainter as examples of techniques that use this corrective feedback loop to improve a painting over time). Other techniques include strategies that decompose an image into large abstract shapes and paint them first in what human artist call an underlayer. They then paint additional layers on top to add detail and richness to the painting (see artwork by TAIDA for examples). The human designer gets to create different painting techniques for a wide range of painting styles. By looking at the different styles of artwork submitted in this years contest, you can see how each technique becomes the signature style of the robot.