2018.08.09 Up

Posted by Nao Tokui

GAN + 人間のデザイナーで椅子をデザイン – The chAIr Project

GAN + 人間のデザイナーで椅子をデザイン – The chAIr Project


GAN(Generative Adversarial  Network)で生成した椅子の画像を元に、人間のデザイナーが手作業でスケッチ、CADの3Dモデルに起こしていきます. その上で最終的にミニチュアの椅子をつくりました. (GANの学習には562の20世紀の椅子の写真を用いています)


The chAIr Project is a series of four chairs co-designed by artificial intelligence and human designers. The project explores a collaborative creative process between the two.

We trained a generative neural network (GAN) using a dataset of iconic 20th-century chairs with the goal to “generate a classic”. The resulting model was used to generate new chairs — semi-abstract visual prompts for a human designer who used them as a starting point for actual chair design concepts.

The project reverses the roles of human and machine in the design process and industrial production. It explores co-creativity between humans and AI, taking the chair — the archetype of a designed object — as an example.

The chAIr Project is a collaboration between Philipp Schmitt, Steffen Weiss, and two neural networks.