2017.03.10 Up

Posted by Nao Tokui

ファッション写真のデータセット – Large-scale Fashion (DeepFashion) Database

ファッション写真のデータセット – Large-scale Fashion (DeepFashion) Database

80万を超えるファッション系の写真のデータベース! 服のカテゴリー(「パーカー」)、柄(「チェック」)、生地(「ツイード」)といった1000ものタグがつけられている. 服だけの写真と実際に消費者が着ている写真を対応付けたデータなども.


We contribute DeepFashion database, a large-scale clothes database, which has several appealing properties:

First, DeepFashion contains over 800,000 diverse fashion images ranging from well-posed shop images to unconstrained consumer photos.
Second, DeepFashion is annotated with rich information of clothing items. Each image in this dataset is labeled with 50 categories, 1,000 descriptive attributes, bounding box and clothing landmarks.

Third, DeepFashion contains over 300,000 cross-pose/cross-domain image pairs.

Four benchmarks are developed using the DeepFashion database, including Attribute Prediction, Consumer-to-shop Clothes Retrieval, In-shop Clothes Retrieval, and Landmark Detection. The data and annotations of these benchmarks can be also employed as the training and test sets for the following computer vision tasks, such as Clothes Detection, Clothes Recognition, and Image Retrieval.